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At the End of the Tunnel (2016)

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A paraplegic computer engineer that moves in a wheelchair and works in his basement starts hearing noises and voices of bank-robbers.

At the End of the Tunnel (2016)

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After a near death experience, a man becomes a born again Christian; when he wants to sell a memoir based on his rebirth, an ex girlfriend threatens to expose a damning secret; he must decide to take action, or just pray she doesn't tell.

Jaggu Dada (2017)

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Jaggu Dada's grandfather and father are underworld dons. The wish of his mother is to see him become a big villain. So, he goes to Mumbai to keep the promise made to his grandfather and also finds the girl of his dreams.

Overdrive (2017)

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The story centers on two car thieves, brothers, who journey to the south of France for new opportunities...

Lucky (2017)

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The spiritual journey of a ninety-year-old atheist.

The Age of Shadows (2016)

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Set in the late 1920s, The Age of Shadows follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group...

The Iron Sixth (2017)

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Betrayal. Murder. Revenge. Those who say dead men tell no tales never met Thomas LeMond. Running out...

Queen: From Rags to Rhapsody (2015)

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To mark the 40th anniversary of Bohemian Rhapsody, this documentary digs deep into archive to tell the story of Queen as it follows their journey from a struggling band gigging at pubs and colleges to the moment they captured the UK's hearts and minds with what was to become one of - if not the - greatest song of all time.

Carnage: Swallowing the Past (2017)

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Carnage Swallowing The Past is set in 2067, a time when everyone in the world when everyone is vegan.

A Quiet Passion (2017)

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The story of American poet Emily Dickinson from her early days as a young schoolgirl to her later years as a reclusive, unrecognized artist.

A Date with Miss Fortune (2015)

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A writer falls in love with a woman whose traditional family ties interfere with her life.

Dead End (2017)

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Friends embark on a cross country criminal spree that ends horribly. Reckless actions take them from being ruthless criminals to helpless victims, and survival comes in the form of a washed up Deputy Sheriff.

Desire Will Set You Free (2016)

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Desire Will Set You Free is a feature film that explores life in contemporary Berlin with an often critical and sometimes humorous eye...

Beyond Clueless (2014)

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Beyond Clueless is a dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through...

Policeman (2011)

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A member of an Israeli anti-terrorist unit clashes with a group of young radicals.

Little Mermaid (2016)

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Based off of the tale by Hans Christian Andersen, Little Mermaid tells the story of a young mermaid leaving the sea for a human she thinks that she knows. Everything isn't as it seemed and she must face the harsh realities of the world.

Antisocial.app (2016)

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A young hacker creates an "antisocial" networking app that matches enemies instead of friends. When her enemies start turning up dead, she must uncover who or what is behind it before it's too late

Valley of Ditches (2017)

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Left for dead in an open grave, Emilia struggles to keep both her life and her sanity.

Getting Here (2017)

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Getting Here (2017)

Police Beat (2005)

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An African-born bicycle cop encounters strange and mysterious situations on his police beat in urban Seattle.

Amor.com (2017)

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Amor.com (2017)

Junkie Two (2017)

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Sheriff Corbin takes the lead in this action packed sequel to JUNKIE as he works tirelessly to save his small town from a motley crew who seems hellbent on destruction.

Future Punks (2017)

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Future Punks (2017)

Cerritos, I Love You (2017)

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Formerly an agricultural community, Cerritos was incorporated as Dairy Valley in 1956. The city now thrives on innovation. 5 vignettes from 5 directors dealing with diversity, love and acceptance.