"Short" Movies

Battery Life (2016)

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A stop motion animation following a robot father and son trying to get a new battery for the mother, who gave everything to save their boy.

Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film (2017)

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A short fan film based on the 2000 AD comic book story 'Strontium Dog'. Featuring a futuristic mutant bounty hunter 'Johnny Alpha' and his Viking partner 'Wulf Sternhammer'.

Banane (2010)

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The minions chase a banana and apple around the lab.

Girl of Steel (2014)

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Girl of Steel is a conceptual fan film based on DC Universe/Comics heroine, Supergirl. We wanted to...

Rakka (2017)

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A tale of a dystopian future where an unknown alien group have colonised the earth and humans struggle to fight back.

The El Chupugcabra (2013)

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Despite the insane warnings around them a young family decides to adopt a pug with a supposed evil streak.

Yikes (2015)

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A struggling young actor begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a welcomed gift unless he is ready to do something about it.

Bad Guy #2 (2014)

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One bad guy discovers that moving up in a crime ring has its downsides. Just as his new career starts...

Keas: New Zealand's Witty Daredevils (2015)

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Unlike any other parrots, the Keas, New Zealand's astonishingly intelligent mountain parrots, just love the snow, the cold and the harsh environment.

The Preying Mantis (2016)

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A serial killer targets her friend's boyfriend after he cheats on her.

Devil Makes Work (1970)

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Heaven and hell, winners and losers; it all comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice.

The iMom (2014)

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When technology exceeds humanity...

A Short Film About Execution (2016)

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Anger, guilt, resentment, rage, innocence, closure, peace are all explored in 10 people's last words from the gurney on death row. Based on true events.

Through It All (2017)

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Through it all is a story about Terrence, a 20 something year old who is spending his day preparing to propose to his girlfriend Nikki...

Embers & Dust (2016)

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Embers and Dust focuses on the perspective of a young farm boy and his family, and how the night of Orson Welles' dramatic broadcast of War of The Worlds unfolded for them.

The Smiling Man (2015)

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A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

He Took His Skin Off for Me (2014)

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A simple, domestic love story about a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn't the best idea...

Unleaded (2015)

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Three thugs attempting to rob a petrol station are interrupted by three stoners with a severe case of the munchies.

I Heard It Too (2014)

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A young girl and her mother face an evil that is frighteningly familiar.

Defining Fay (2012)

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A greedy multinational company, a poetic vision of the end of the world, an extraordinary drug-induced dream, great love. Not necessarily in that order.

A Figment of My Imagination (2014)

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The Maker has spent his life developing an Android that looks and sounds human down to every detail except for one: it isn't. When the Android begins expressing wants and desires, they don't line up with what the Maker had in mind.

The Ojibway Switchback (2015)

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B-movie throwback Nativesploitation about a male gigolo and his unscrupulous madam.

Spark: A Space Tail (2017)

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'Spark' is a story about grief. It follows Wayne, an award-winning writer, on his quest to find inspiration for his new novel before he completely loses everything that was constant in his life.

The Artifice (2014)

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A man struggling with a broken relationship has a strange and frightening visitation by a Black Eyed Child.