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A Family Man (2016)

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A headhunter whose life revolves around closing deals in a a survival-of-the-fittest boiler room, battles his top rival for control of their job placement company -- his dream of owning the company clashing with the needs of his family.

Revenge (2000)

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A serial killer, whose victims are men with similar pasts, is tracked by a policewoman.

I Am Heath Ledger (2017)

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Friends and family of the late actor

Nelly (2016)

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A film inspired by the life and work of Nelly Arcan. The portrait of a fragmented woman, lost between irreconcilable identities: writer, lover, call girl and star.

Taken Too Far (2017)

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A jealous dance mom takes extreme measures to ensure her daughter wins a scholarship to an exclusive dance academy. But the victim's mother will do whatever necessary to protect her own daughter from the rival mom's evil scheme.

Breakdown Lane (2017)

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When Kirby Lane's SUV breaks down in the middle of the desert, she must overcome the dehydration, coyotes, and lurking undead to find her way home.

Kidnap Capital (2016)

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Illegal immigrants to the United States are kidnapped, tortured, and forced to call home for ransom money.

The Man in the Shadows (2017)

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Based on thousands of true stories, a newlywed photographer is stalked by a dark man in a brimmed hat who followers her from her nightmares. Sanity slipping, she meets a mysterious man claiming to know the shocking secrets of the Hat Man.

Sahara (2017)

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Two clans of snakes cohabit in the desert. Beautiful green serpents that live under the shelter of an oasis...

Walking with the Enemy (2013)

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A young man, separated from his family in WWII, disguises himself as a Nazi SS Officer and uncovers more than just his family whereabouts.

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone (2016)

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A look at the life and work of American journalist, I.F. Stone, who leads a one-man crusade against government deception.

Don't Blink - Robert Frank (2017)

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Robert Frank revolutionized photography and independent film. He documented the Beats, Welsh coal miners...

Forest Fairies (2017)

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Amanda's horse Tanner helps her discover a hidden village of FOREST FAIRIES who offer to help stop an...

Awakening the Zodiac (2017)

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The story follows a down-on-their-luck couple who discovers a serial killer's film reels.

Lies and Deception (2005)

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A private investigator helps a woman uncover the secret life of her dead husband.

The Wrong Woman (1995)

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A temporary secretary is wrongly accused of killing her boss.

Birth of the Dragon (2016)

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Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.

Swamp Freak (2017)

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Six college students go into the wetlands to find their missing professor after he takes off in search of the mythical and deadly monster known as the 'Swamp Freak'.

Tomato Red (2017)

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When small town drifter Sammy Barlach drives into town on the search for his next cold beer and the bunch that'll have him...

Where the Spirit Lives (1989)

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A young Native Canadian (First Nations person) fights to keep her culture and identity when she is abducted to a residential school.

The Invitation (2003)

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Roland Levy is a great writer. A teller of tales. A setter of scenes. But the six guests he has invite...

Star Wars: Rough Cut (2016)

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A young Jedi and a ragtag group of heroes embark on a quest to save the galaxy from indescribable evil.

Small Crimes (2017)

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A disgraced former cop, fresh off a six-year prison sentence for attempted murder - returns home looking for redemption but winds up trapped in the mess he left behind.

Colossal (2016)

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Gloria is an out-of-work party girl forced to leave her life in NY and move back home. When reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, she gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon.